Operational Excellence

European beverage manufacturer with annual revenues >€1 billion across 9 markets; Brewing capacity of 20 million hectolitres from 14 breweries; Coca Cola’s 5th largest bottler world-wide with 420 m unit cases per annum.

Key Deliverable: Operational excellence programme increasing OEE by an absolute 22% and labour productivity by 30%.


  • Joint approach to ensure ownership and transfer of learning
  • Resource requirements planning included changing shift patterns and introducing flexible working to accommodate seasonality without overtime or shift premium costs
  • Zero-basing of directs, indirects and administrative staff
  • Working methods changes, reduction in set-up times and increased machine speeds
  • Reduced materials wastage and losses
  • Improvement in employee engagement, morale and attitude
  • Implementation of scorecard and PDCA management cycle at all levels

“Adopting this joint approach and working so closely together was key to changing our culture and delivering the results.”

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