Labour productivity

AIM listed specialty baker with revenues £180m, some 2,800 employees and a strong track-record of profitable growth.

Key Deliverable: A sustained 17% reduction in labour cost against a target of 15% leading to increased manufacturing capacity, improved service levels and cost savings in waste and energy.


  • Reduction of 17% in labour cost, virtually eliminating overtime and temporary labour
  • Increase in capacity of >30% without need for capex by reducing in-processes lost time and improving organisation
  • Development of consistent working practices, replacement of legacy practices
  • Complete re-design of planning and scheduling process, enabling >95% compliance
  • Programme to implement scorecard, train management in its use and drive though additional gains in such areas as material wastage and rework

Chairman’s statement taken from annual report: “Operationally, we are more efficient and productive… the programme has eased workflows through the factory and has enabled the management and production team to cater for increased volume”

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