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Programme to reduce total working capital.

Working capital

Europe’s largest vending services company, with revenues of €700 million; 50,000 points of sale across 24 countries; 5000 people in 250 locations; and 25,000 customers.

Key Deliverable: Following private equity funded acquisition, programme to reduce total working capital.


  • Working capital review across key European markets, mapping/analysing end-to-end processes driving Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory and Cash
  • Workshop to review processes and agree potential to make substantive reductions in working capital
  • Design of implementation programme and targeted provision of support to client teams


  • Programme to drive down working capital by a factor of 400% more than the base case prepared by a well-known strategy house in the original due diligence report
The Bridge, working capital image

“Before we started, there was a lack of consensus over the conclusions of the due diligence report, which many felt to be unrealistic ... over the course of 4 weeks, the quality of the analysis meant that we were able to reach agreement on a significantly more ambitious programme”

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