Covid and geopolitics have added to other challenges faced by the industrial sector, primarily globalisation and the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Industry 4.0
  • Material and component availability
  • Increasing costs
  • Talent shortages
  • Innovation

These unprecedented levels of disruption have made it increasingly difficult in many sectors to deliver revenue and margin growth or increase productivity.

Our incisive diagnostic capability, rapid implementation approach and committed people enable clients to identify and deliver progressive results in these most challenging of times.

Examples of our Work

  • Working with the ELT of an engineering company to plot a route to doubling EBITDA
  • Doubling the capacity of an MMC construction company without the need for Capex or a costly site move
  • Near-shoring production for a key regional market and achieving highest performing site status after the first full year of operation
  • Increasing energy efficiency by 30% for a major UK utility company
  • Transforming after-sales service into a high growth profit centre for a precision engineering company
  • Increasing manufacturing efficiencies by apply targeted Lean best practices
  • Increasing yields and carrying out value engineering to reduce material costs
  • Optimisation of operating footprints to reduce costs
  • Reducing transport and logistics costs whilst improving service levels
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Case studies and insights

Drawing from client experience, The Bridge share the tactics and success stories from leading companies, leading them to excel in competitive markets.