Case Study

#2 global producer of premium wines and spirits with sales >€10bn and GM >30%

Food & Beverage Industry, Lean Transformation


#2 global producer of premium wines and spirits with sales >€10bn and GM >30%

Owner of 16 of Top 100 Spirits Brands

19,000 employees in 73 countries

Regional #2 in increasingly competitive market and ‘Me Too’ route-to-market model


Over a 10 year period in this key region, 3 phases enabled them to achieve market leadership:

  • Phase I: Improved Route to Market Model

A market review benchmarked performance against key competitors and identified areas of opportunity to improve growth and margins.

A new target operating model was developed to differentiate the service model from key competitors.

Branding, pack and price portfolio and marketing support were optimised in support of growth objectives in the various routes to market.

  • Phase II: Enhanced Route to Market Model

Following the successful implementation of Phase I, a review assessed progress and identified next steps in market development.

Further segmentation took place to enable alignment of the service model in each route to market with growth objectives.

Organisationally, new structures and territories were introduced, aligning resources with growth potential in each route to market.

Trade terms and sales remuneration were further aligned with growth objectives.

Sales management training needs were analysed, resulting in a tailored development approach that was underpinned by field-based coaching aimed at a more targeted and proactive management approach.

  • Phase III: Brand Activation

A step-change in both weighted and numeric distribution was the key thrust of Phase III.

Next level category management was introduced to help the sales force communicate the benefits of the enhanced approach.

Training focused on both the sales force and customers in each route to market to explain how the new approach would impact both growth and profitability.

In support of these actions, trade marketing was also enhanced in a way that ultimately impacted how customers perceived the brand and its products.


Uplift in Market share
Increase in active customers
Outlet revenue & GM increased

The ability of The Bridge to help us transform both performance and culture has been the key to our success.

Phil Moorhouse, Managing Director

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