Buy & Build

Buy & Build

Our programmes enable management teams to deliver synergies by challenging operating models and applying the optimum value to both core business and acquisitions.  

We ensure that synergies are delivered on time and in full

Buy & Build is a key strategic component of the value creation plan for many of our private equity clients.  In-depth experience of M&A scenarios over the past 20 years enables us to provide incisive insights into potential upside as well as risks at each stage of the process, supporting delivery of the post merger integration plan where appropriate.  As with the majority of our work, our approach offers clients a results-based approach:

Due Diligence

Our Scoping and Full Potential Analysis process offers clients a pragmatic, fast-track way of testing the business plan, identifying hidden potential, uncovering operational risks, assessing synergies and augmenting the business plan.  The result is between 2x and 4x the upside identified by traditional means and identifying and mitigating risks some 12 to 18 months before they would normally emerge.

And it comes with our value guarantee: No Win, No Fee.

Post Merger Integration

PMI plans are put together based on our experience of similar situations and seasoned project managers become part of the interim management approach to ensure that key deliverables are met on time and in full.  We are, of course, in a position to support necessary actions where internal resource is not available.

Our governance process ensures that senior management are in the driving seat, have transparency and are able to make key decisions in a timely manner.  

Benefits delivery typically includes synergies as well as actions to achieve target performance levels across all functions where opportunities for performance improvement have been identified.

Management team integration and, where necessary, development as well as communications for customers, suppliers, community and employees are key elements of every PMI.



Case studies and insights

Drawing from client experience, The Bridge share the tactics and success stories from leading companies, leading them to excel in competitive markets.