Our vendor due diligence programmes increase exit value by identifying and delivering increased profitability and clearly demonstrating to the potential acquirer where future value can be realised

Should any red flags be raised from the viewpoint of a prospective acquirer, the pre-exit due diligence affords the management team the opportunity to address them.

The last 18 months in the run-up to an exit are critical in terms of value creation.

Our scoping approach is designed to identify both upside that has not yet been included in the value creation plan, as well as red flags that could potentially have a negative impact on value.

A 1-2 day site visit is typically sufficient to put together an ELT workshop, the goal of which is to agree an enhanced value creation plan.  All areas of performance can be included, as appropriate:

  • Revenue and margin growth
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Supply chain performance
  • Organisation performance
  • Free cash flow

Typical expectations are an increase in EV of some 10% above and beyond the existing plan and we are in a position to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the leadership team to fast-track the implementation process.

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