Operational Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence

Identify hidden value drivers as well as chart a path to value creation

Traditionally, due diligence has focused on financial, legal and market-led factors. With fierce levels of competition for the most attractive deals and uncertainties in key areas, such as markets and supply chains, the benefits conveyed by an improved level of operational due diligence have been brought into sharper focus.

The tools and approaches that we have built up over the past 20 years provide clients with a competitive edge that typically enables a 20-30% increase in EBITDA to be identified and built into the business plan. Acceleration of higher levels of returns is a key advantage of working with our model. As part of our pledge to add value in everything that we do, this comes with a “No Win, No Fee” guarantee.

Key Performance Levers

A 360˚ approach enables rapid assessment of key success factors, identifies red flags & de-risks the growth model. Our experience in designing and delivering revenue and profit improvement programmes is key in working with clients to deliver a step-change in performance.
Our experience in assessing improvement potential and selectively applying those approaches that will deliver the greatest gains enable us to help clients fast-track a step-change in performance and achieve top quartile performance levels.
Experience across multiple sectors and geographies, combined with our process excellence focus, provide clients with the ability to challenge current models and structures and deliver a sustainable step-change in performance.
Any organisation facing transformational change will need to strengthen its capability to deliver that change. Proprietary tools enable rapid analysis of this key factor, the results of which can be linked to the design and delivery of the value creation programme.
The ability to assess key processes that impact on cashflow provides clients with fast-track identification of potential and pragmatic approaches to support the sustainable delivery of step-change improvements.


Case studies and insights

Drawing from client experience, The Bridge share the tactics and success stories from leading companies, leading them to excel in competitive markets.

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