Value Creation

Value Creation

Building on the insights of the due diligence phase, an augmented value creation plan is developed and incorporated into the business plan.

A 360˚ approach to assessing and delivering results ensures incorporation of the key elements that will promote sustainability of results.  Our aim on each project is to develop management capability and bandwidth.  At the centre of this approach is the formation of a joint delivery team that promotes this development agenda whilst delivering a step-change in performance

Key Performance Levers

A 360˚ approach enables rapid assessment of key success factors, identifies red flags & de-risks the growth model. Our experience in designing and delivering revenue and profit improvement programmes is key in working with clients to deliver a step-change in performance.
Best practices, including Lean Management in manufacturing, service and high value white collar areas can be applied based on the potential to deliver significant improvements in such factors as productivity, asset utilisation, quality and service levels.
Even in normal times, supply chains can be a decisive factor in determining competitive costs and service levels. Rapidly escalating supply costs coupled with shortages and delays have brought supply chain performance into even sharper focus.
Management bandwidth and capability are the sine qua non for all organisations and at the heart of delivering sustainable results. For SME’s, especially those on a steep growth trajectory, particular attention must be paid to management capacity at all levels.
As interest rates rise above the recent historic lows and supply chain pressures increase, the traditional private equity focus on cash flow, reducing risk and ensuring that returns on capital deliver necessary improvements will be sharpened even further.


Case studies and insights

Drawing from client experience, The Bridge share the tactics and success stories from leading companies, leading them to excel in competitive markets.

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